20th May 2013 – Cleaning Teeth and Room



Having a very mellow day, started out with fixing two of my teeth at the dentist this morning, went straight to the store to buy coke and now I’m flitting between tumblr and cleaning my room while listening to my favorite from Eurovision 2013. I feel utterly boring.

Witchy Kitty


I was almost asleep when my Cat started “talking” with me, meowing away like there was no tomorrow. I turned on the light and her sitting on one of my chests where I keep my twitchy stuff.

Unfortunately she moved just before the picture, but I wanted to post it anyway..
Funny is when I turned on the lights she sropped, now as I lay in my bed in the dark writing this, she won’t shut up.

Do I live with a cat that’s afraid of the dark?

Blessed be

Simon Says Basket


Mum’s cat decided the basket was a nice place to be. I’m at my parent’s home for the week to celebrate my birthday and while I miss my own cat, Simon is a good substitute!

My Crystals For The Day






I wore these today at work for strength, focus, will, protection, and banishment against alcohol. I figured since amethyst are supposed to help against addiction and alcohol consumption, maybe it can protect against alcohol consumers as well. And hey, it actually worked! I work at a large food chain and working the nightshift a saturday can be fun but also uncomfortable. I wore these crystals in my bra (since I didn’t have any pockets) and they helped me through my shift and I actually left work happy (as happy you can be at 4 am)!


© Emily Gems




© Spellkits For Believers

Quartz Crystal

© Amuletten


© Australia Gems

Midnight (Later Actually) Mabon


Even though I had a busy day, I swore I’d at least celebrate a small Mabon even if I had to do it very late. I came home from work around 4 am, and what did I do? I set up my altar and celebrated and small Mabon. Not elaborate at all. Just thanking The Mother Goddess and Harvest God and asking for their blessing and protection, while offering what I had at home.

Still, I’m pleased and even though I had a hurried Mabon it was still very spiritual and I feel at peace.

How did you celebrate Mabon?

Witchy Baking; The Result

So not a very good picture, but I try. And yes this is edible and actually very tasty! ^^

This is my Nutty Fruitbread! (I just invented that name)

The recipe is as follows:

Vaettr’s Nutty Fruitbread


  • 5 dl rye (rågmjöl)
  • 2 dl wheat flour (vetemjöl)
  • 1,5 teaspoon bicarbonate (bikarbonat)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder (bakpulver)
  • 5 dl sour milk/cultured buttermilk (filkmjölk)
  • 1 dl liquid honey (flytande honung)
  • 2 tablespoons chinese soy (kinesisk soja)
  • Fruit of your choice: I had in about 8 dried plums and 2 dl raisins (8 torkade plommon och 2 dl russin)
  • Nuts of your choice: I had in about 1 dl walnuts and ½ dl sunflower seeds (1 dl valnötter och ½ dl solfrönsfrön)

How To:

1. Preheat the oven to 150 °.
2. Chop fruit and nuts
3. Mix rye and wheat flour, baking soda and baking powder.
4. Add fruits and nuts.
5. Mix in sour milk, honey and soy sauce and stir until “smooth”.
6. Divide batter into two greased oblong baking  “bread” molds.
7. Bake the loaves in the lower part of the oven for about 45 minutes.
8. Let the loaves stand in the molds about 5 minutes before turning it out on a rack and allow it to cool.

På Svenska

1. Sätt ugnen på 150°.  
2. Hacka frukt och nötter 
3. Blanda råg- och vetemjöl, bikarbonat och bakpulver.
4.Tillsätt frukt och nötter.
5. Blanda i filmjölk, honung och soja och rör till en jämn smet.
6. Fördela smeten i två avlånga smorda bakformar à 1 1/2 liter. 
7. Grädda bröden i nedre delen av ugnen ca 45 min.
8. Låt bröden stå kvar i formarna ca 5 min innan de stjälps upp på galler och får kallna.

This is delicious and I hope you’ll try and like it!

Blessed Be!

Pagan Baking

So I’m thinking about baking something tomorrow, and why not bake something “witchy” while I’m at it? I’d like some ideas since I rarely bake. What should I do for my bake date tomorrow?

Så jag funderar på att baka imorgon, och tänkte baka något “witchy” medan jag ändå håller på. Någon som har någon idé att dela med sig?

Blessed Be

Currently Reading: Witchcraft – Raven Grimassi

I’ve given myself homework. And not school homework, but pagan homework. Every night before I turn off the lights to sleep, I read a paragraph or two from one of my “witchy” books. True, I’ve only done this about 3 nights, but I feel like I want to do this, not like I’m forcing myself to do it, which is really good. You have to push yourself if you want to learn something, but it has to be enjoyable at the same time! I’ve read about Samhain and the Winter Solstice and tonight I’ll read about Imbolc! I’m thinking about doing summaries about what I’ve read but I don’t really have the time right now unfortunately.


Here anyway, is my future reading schedule while reading Raven Grimassi’s Witchcraft- A Mystery Tradition (There are 10 chapters and I will NOT be reading them in order)

Reading Schedule

09/04 Imbolc p.163-166
09/05 Spring Equinox p.166-168
09/06 Beltane p.169-170
09/07 Summer Solstice p.170-172
09/08 Lughnasadh p.172-176
09/09 Autumn Equinox p.176-181
09/10 Reviewing the Mythos p.181-182 (Chapter 7 Done)
09/11 to be decided

A Reblog from Moon and Shadow. I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

Moon and Shadow

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A Promise Upon The Blue Moon

So I did some meditation tonight as well as the night before yesterday. During both of those meditations it really hit me that I need to get in touch more with my spiritual side. I haven’t done anything like that in a while and it hit me just now how much calmer and grounded I am after meditating and using sage to clear the room. To most people I know this will sound like rubbish but we all have our ways of calming down and getting in touch with ourselves after a stressful week at work or in school. This is my way and I really feel like I need to get in touch with my spirituality more. Again. There’s something with autumns that makes me connect with my pagan self.

So this is my promise under the blue moon. I will get to know myself and most importantly my faith as well as try to stay grounded and not spiral down into the common fall depression or whatever it’s called in english.

Have you made any promises under the blue moon?

Blessed Be

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