Hadad – Storm God

Sorry for the late updating, I’ve been really tired of late, so no updating. But now I am! And since I’ve been gone, there’s been a huuuge thunderstorm here on Gotland, the whole island was without power for a night. So why not blog about the thunder god Hadad? *big smile*

Hadad, also known as Ba’al, is a semitic thunder and rain God. The name Ba’al was not Hadads alone, but was also used by other Gods, as the name means Lord. His symbolic animal was the bull and was often shown with a club and a thunderbolt in each hand. He also had a beard and wore a bullhorned headdress.

In religious texts, Ba‘al/Hadad is the lord of the sky who governs the rain and thus the germination of plants with the power of his desire that they be fertile. He is the protector of life and growth to the agricultural people of the region. The absence of Ba‘al causes dry spells, starvation, death, and chaos. Also refers to the mountain of the west wind. The Biblical reference occurs at a time when Yahweh has provided a strong east wind to carry the sons of Israel across the Red or Erythrian Sea to Elat.

So when the great thunderstorm came and blew the fuse in our house, I said a little prayer, to Hadad, that went, Please Mr. Thundergod, don’t fry me and my house.. *laughs*

Blessed Be


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