Bad Witch/Good Witch?

Yes, there are both in this world. But everyone that respect the wiccan path knows that curses, hexes and spells with malicious intent would bound back threefold. But looking at these to pictures, I would say I’m a mixture of the two. I never wear pink, preferring black. I adore symbolism and herbs. I love ravens and bats and black cats, but I would never wear a “satanic” pentagram, even if I love skulls and skeletons of all kinds (I’m an archaeologist, so sue me..)

There is a fashion behind being a good witch and a “bad” witch, but I don’t think they’re tied down. I believe a lot of bad witches wear pastel dresses and idomine on their lips, and a lot of good witches have leather pants in their closets.

Just a thought, really..



  1. Diandra said,

    August 21, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    First of all, I don’t belive in the “good vs. bad” concept. Most people (including witches) are not “good” or “bad” – they just try to get by on what they know and what they (think they) need.

    Second, I’ve cursed. And not just in the mundane way. Which does not make me a “bad” witch, at least not in my opinion. I am willing to accept the consequences of everything I do, and I can be angry and mean and I try to do the best job in the world when it comes to protecting what is “mine” – friends, family, loved ones. Everyone who harms them does so risking my wrath, and I surely wouldn’t stop at “sending their negative energy back to them”.

    As for fashion… I like black. I don’t like pastel, but it looks good on me. I like about every color inbetween. I don’t own an “upside down pentagram” (which would not necessarily be satanic, but of course you know that), but I can see where it would be useful.

    • Vaettr said,

      August 21, 2011 at 3:02 pm

      And this is, in my own clumsy way, what I was trying to tell in this post. I’m glad you commented with your thoughts. 😀
      I was writing more about the stereotypes than about reality, even though I personally am not comfortable with cursed, though I admire your stance toward it and your family.
      And of course I know they doesn’t have to be “satanic”, I hope I wrote that with ” “, if I didn’t I’ll have to change that.

      Btw, gotten my letter yet? ^^


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