Prompt; Back To School

Another prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts, that I’ve decided to do. This on is about going back to school, and while I’m back to uni as of yesterday, I think they wanted to know what I’ve been learning in life and in my faith. So we’ll see how this post goes.

Yesterday I learned a lesson all over again. I’ve always been told not to worry, that things will work out. I’ve never really taken it to heart though. But yesterday, I did. I had trouble with my courses now at uni term start. I visited the study counselor, the study administrator, I spoke to two of my teachers, I e-mailed people, I called people. All to make evertything go as smoothly as possibly.

I’m late in several courses so I’m having trouble with CSN, or the NBSA in english ( National Board of Student Aid), not getting any money from them atm. But they will make exceptions due to special conditions, and I called them about that. I’m also having trouble with my classes, so the classes I’m actually taking are not those I applied to in April.

Instead of an Advanced Course in Field Archaeology, I’m taking an Introductory Course in Archaeology, and easy class, so I’ll have time to catch up. I’m also taking a distance course in Celtic History and Culture. That starts this week, but the other one doesn’t start until week 40.

While I was doing this, I felt like a hen that had gotten its head cut off. But then I stopped and just said; Fuck It All!!!

There’s no real need for me to worry, what happens happens and I’ll just deal with it. I’m going to stop viewing my situation as something horrible, and start looking at like one big adventure, a journey I don’t have a map for. This decision made me so at ease that things just floated into place. I’m going to get through this and I’ll do so exploring instead of hiding.

So take my advice, stop worrying so much and take your walking stick and keep walking on that new path. It’ll be scary to not know when you put your feet, but it’ll be worth when your reward turns out to be that much sweeter.

So this is what I learned, going back to school. Hope you learned something as well! Be sure to comment and tell me what You’ve learned!


Blessed Be, Vaettr




  1. Sunfire said,

    December 29, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    As you’ve learned, sometimes the easiest thing to do is back off and let things fall into place. Makes life that much easier for you, doesn’t it?

    • Vaettr said,

      December 30, 2011 at 10:51 am

      It does, very much so. And I believe they have done just so now.. ^^

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