Days of Witchery: 27. Picture of Nature (earth element).


Days of Witchery: 26. A Witchy Podcast.

And here is where I disappoint you all, I don’t actually follow any podcasts, pagan or not. So if you have any interesting and fun podcasts to share, feel free and I’ll listen to them!


Days of Witchery:25. How Do Others Feel About Your Witchy Path?

I’m lucky to live where I do and have such accepting friends. Sweden has a great acceptance of different religious and spiritual beliefs, both by law and society as a whole. Sure there are close-minded idiots here as well, but where aren’t there any of those?

My family knows I’m a bit spiritual and “up in the blue”. So when mom came to visit and saw my new altar she didn’t even blink. Of course my family doesn’t believe the same as I do, and they don’t really understand what or why I believe in what I do. But that they accept that I’m happy practicing my beliefs are good enough for them. I think some of them were more worried about my christian faith than my pagan faith.

Most of Sweden are atheists so it’s not uncommon for people to be careful about religion and what they think and believe in. You’re more likely to be excluded for too “much” or “showy” beliefs, than if you’re quiet about your faith.

So when I talk about being pagan, I get general acceptance, some raised eyebrows and some exclamations of “Cool!”, but I have yet to have a fully negative response from someone about my faith. Which is nice, but I still would practice and believe even if I did.

Blessed Be, Vaettr

Alive and Back! Sort of…

Aaand I’m kind of back in blogging land again! I’ve had lots to do in real life and visits from the main land two weekends in a row, first meeting my 5th cousin for the first time ever, then my mother came this weekend and left a couple of hours ago. During this time I’ve had difficulty dedicating myself to the blog, but today I feel like posting some! 🙂

Some of the things I’ll write about in future posts:

  • My Mabon celebration
  • Witchy fashionshow
  • Daily witchery
  • Goddess of the week
I’m also looking for some guestbloggers if you’re interested!
But until my next post, Blessed Be!

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