Goddess of the “Week”

Hecate, goddess of magic, crossroads and also necromancy. She’s also associated with childbirth, doorways, dogs and lunar lore. she’s a triple goddess, either as three personalities or with three faces. She’s often called and prayed to as a crone goddess, although she’s often depicted as a beautiful woman and in antique days she was most often known as a virgin. The crone-association could be because of her alignment to the more dark and mystical which is associated with the crone.

She lives in the underworld and her typical symbols are paired torches, dogs and keys. She’s the only child of the titans Asteria, titan goddess of  prophetic dreams, astrology and necromancy and Perses, titan god of destruction. She is said wo also have her own children, Circe, Medea, Chalciope and Aegialeus.  Although they are only mentioned in certain texts.

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