Pet or Familiar?

I’ve seen people write about this subject, and I though I would give it a try. I know the witch and her black cat-image is not totally true, although I have to admit that my cat Velvet is black. I have heard many theories about whether your pet is a familiar or just a regular family pet. Some just say that their pet is a familiar, while some claim that the familiar is an animal that comes to you, not the other way around. It’s not just about having a cuddly animal that you love to pet and play with. A familiar is a pet that also give you strength and a boost, so to say, during rituals and such.

Personally, while I love both my pets, my cat Velvet and my dog Spike, who you can coo over in the picture above, I do not feel that they are my familiars, even do I feel a connection with them both. I’ve had Velvet for 2 years and Spike is my boyfriend’s whom I met a year ago. I love them both dearly, and I know they reciprocate. Spike is always by my side, even now he’s lying at my feet. So no, they are not my familiar, but they’re no less loved or important because of this.

Do you have a familiar or a beloved pet?

A Prayer For Snow

My prayer for snow kind of went overboard, there’s now a Class 1 Storm Warning where I live and the ferry to Gotland is delayed until tomorrow morning.. I was so looking forward to getting home.. *sigh* Instead I’m sitting here in my dad’s kitchen, studying and blogging. It’s allright though, got some more time with my family, would have been nice to have been home by now though.

My boyfriend and our animals are here to, our dog and cat. Will be interesting to get 4 bags, 2 people and 2 animals into a car and then into the boat.. XD But we’ll manage, we always do.

Have you also prayed too much to the weather gods?

Blessed Be, Vaettr

Happy New Year

It’s not Samhain, but it’s 2012 with fireworks and barking dogs and laughing friends and smoke and good food and big bangs. Good and Bad, just like the past year was and the coming year will be.

We hope for a better year and pray for one as well, but prayers can only do so much. This year I will take much into my own hands, but I won’t be doing it alone.

I loved the past year despite its hardship, and I hope I’ll come to love this coming one as well. Only the future awaits, and it’s up to us what we do with it.

Dream big, and blessed be..