My Crystals For The Day






I wore these today at work for strength, focus, will, protection, and banishment against alcohol. I figured since amethyst are supposed to help against addiction and alcohol consumption, maybe it can protect against alcohol consumers as well. And hey, it actually worked! I work at a large food chain and working the nightshift a saturday can be fun but also uncomfortable. I wore these crystals in my bra (since I didn’t have any pockets) and they helped me through my shift and I actually left work happy (as happy you can be at 4 am)!


© Emily Gems




© Spellkits For Believers

Quartz Crystal

© Amuletten


© Australia Gems

A Promise Upon The Blue Moon

So I did some meditation tonight as well as the night before yesterday. During both of those meditations it really hit me that I need to get in touch more with my spiritual side. I haven’t done anything like that in a while and it hit me just now how much calmer and grounded I am after meditating and using sage to clear the room. To most people I know this will sound like rubbish but we all have our ways of calming down and getting in touch with ourselves after a stressful week at work or in school. This is my way and I really feel like I need to get in touch with my spirituality more. Again. There’s something with autumns that makes me connect with my pagan self.

So this is my promise under the blue moon. I will get to know myself and most importantly my faith as well as try to stay grounded and not spiral down into the common fall depression or whatever it’s called in english.

Have you made any promises under the blue moon?

Blessed Be

Once In A Blue Moon; Tarot Reading

Today I decided to do a bit of meditation under the blue moon, and while I was sitting there I felt like I should ask my tarot deck a question. So I did, and the question in the front of my mind had to do with my current relationship status. My relationship with my boyfriend recently ended and I was meditating on how I should act taking my first steps into the life of being single again. To this question, I got the King of Swords. Now, I’m not the best at reading tarot, I’ve had my deck for maybe 3 years now but I still can’t read them good without a book and interpret them well enough.

What I got though from the card is that it feels like even though there are a lot going on around me right now, a whirlwind of work, essays, new people coming to the island to study, I should keep a cool head. So even if I may want to throw myself into a new relationship or even have a passionate, thrilling night once in a while, I need to take a step back and just breathe and be in solitude in that aspect for a little time. And I think that is absolutely right. I may want someone to kiss and cuddle and talk to, but my journey right now needs to take an inward path, and I need to do that alone. So even if the fire of passion or the whirlwind of air want to grab me away in a wild dance, I have to focus and connect with the grounding earth and the calming water.

Now this may not really be what the King of Swords stands for, but this is what spoke out inside me, and I feel I should follow that inner suggestion.

What do you think the King of Swords stands for? And what have you been doing under the blue moon?

Blessed Be

Tip of my Tongue

All the talk about the shopkeeper and me not being at the Imbolc ritual had me remembering the Mabon ritual I attended. I loved it and it was wonderful, but there was one thing there I didn’t really believe in or felt comfortable with, even though I cried when it happened. There was a certain word she used describing it, what it was. During the ritual she went away and sat under a tree by a large slab of stone, and she was, for lack of better words, “possessed” by the Goddess. She lent her body to the Goddess so we could talk directly to her and she to us. It was a strong feeling, but I was still uncomfortable with it, and when something doesn’t feel good, you shouldn’t do it, right?

So what I’m asking is, what was this she did and was I right to be uncomfortable with it?

Blessed Be,


The Gray Area


I was in my favorite store today, the esoteric shop where I buy all my “witchy” stuff as well as the henna I use for my hair. The owner is a high priestess and has Sabbat Ceremonies sometimes. I’ve been on one and I loved it, it felt like I was part of the family, even though I’m mostly solitary and didn’t believe everything that happened (when she was “possessed” by the Goddess and She talked through the shop owner, don’t remember what it’s called). A couple of days ago they celebrated Imbolc, and I didn’t join in. I’m a student and sometimes I can’t afford to spend 29 dollar/19 pounds on a ceremony although I dearly want to. Instead I did something small at home.

So imagine how I felt when I went in there and mentioned the ceremony and hoped they’d had a good time and that I was sad I wasn’t there, she replied with that I couldn’t be in the gray zone all the time. That threw me for a bit, I felt a little sad to be honest. Just because I didn’t join them for Imbolc doesn’t mean that I didn’t celebrate on my own (which was a short meditation, since I study about 200% at the moment). And that she said it infront of other customers made me feel even worse. Am I a bad witch/pagan just because I didn’t join them or because I can’t be as fully pledged into it as they are?

Being pagan is something I can’t give up, even if my life is stressful and I don’t have time to truly commit. And to be told I’m basically not as good as the others who go to the shop’s ceremonies hit med hard. Am I overreacting, did she have point?

What do you guys think?

Sincerely, a slightly sad and wondering Vaettr

Happy New Year

It’s not Samhain, but it’s 2012 with fireworks and barking dogs and laughing friends and smoke and good food and big bangs. Good and Bad, just like the past year was and the coming year will be.

We hope for a better year and pray for one as well, but prayers can only do so much. This year I will take much into my own hands, but I won’t be doing it alone.

I loved the past year despite its hardship, and I hope I’ll come to love this coming one as well. Only the future awaits, and it’s up to us what we do with it.

Dream big, and blessed be..

A Pagan Dream

So I had a dream a couple of nights ago, and it was clearly of pagan character. The night before I had smudged the bed and hanged up my dreamcatcher.

The details are fuzzy now, but there was a cave lined with red roses, that I only could access in the company of the Tuatha dé Danann. Cernunnos was there, and there were some romantic (not sexual) moments. I put a lock of my hair by the cave so he could find me when I was away. Then there were some running and some deer and some golden lights sent by Cernunnos to me.

The cave could be the entrance to the underground to where the Tuatha dé Danann were banished, but symbolically I’m not so sure. It’s hard to figure out your own dreams. I’m good with others but not with my own.

Someone who has any ideas about my dream?

Symbols in my dream:

  • Cernunnos
  • Cave
  • Roses
  • Lock of hair
  • deer
  • golden lights

First Guestblogger: The Robin

This is the first guestblogging on my blog and the writer is a good friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, therefore they’re using the name Robin. Enjoy!

I sincerely believe I don’t have anything interesting enough to write about, but being friends with Vaettr means that I constantly hear things like “you should write a guest entry in my blog”, “you could blog about that”, “blog bloggie blogblog”. And Vaettr is a pretty damn good friend, and I thrive on making other people happy, so here we go.

I’m also in the closet. Not the broom kind (pretty sure here), or the gay kind (not quite as sure here), or any commonly defined kind of closet. I am a scientist who hides her strong desire of magic to be real. I believe in math, physics, long academic texts full of references, and tell everyone thats -all- I believe.

I also know that if there was an article in Nature, or any other as reputable journal, showing a mathematical proof of magic, I would drop my science career in an instant to become a witch.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I find the thought so intriguing. I don’t like tarot cards, only because my friend own a deck that seems to hate me. I don’t think spells or prayers work at all, but I constantly chant mantras loud when I’m alone. I don’t believe in prophetic dreams or spirit guardians, but I constantly meet up with my lovely animus in dreams, because hey, that’s science!

Why can’t I just tell people, “Sure, I’m a scientist, but I find this new age thingie SO interesting?”. Easy answer; I’m afraid to open up and admit it. The difficult question is “Why am I so afraid of that?”. I think I know the answer to that question as well, but it is just too frightening to say out loud. Better just discuss it with my animus, then do nothing.

So, lovely people reading this blog, how did you find the courage to acknowledge your beliefs and tell people about it? Because I’m stumped here.

Oh, I’m a buddhist as well. But only online when I’m anonymous.

Signed, The Robin


Fixing and Compiling My Path

It started with a word document named Wicca, and I put a lot of stuff in there. Then I tried to make it organized, which didn’t work. Now I’ve erased that and opened a new document, which I’m now calling My Path. And I’m calling it that because I’m not wiccan. Partly because I’m not relating to wicca 100 %, partly because I’ve not been actively studying and being spiritual long enough to call me that. And I have respect for people out there who are true wiccans, that I won’t call myself that. I don’t wanna bee seen as one of those people who calls themselves wicca after two weeks.

So I’m now sitting and compiling things that I believe in, and that I have with me in my path. People sometimes call Wicca the New Old Religion, and I feel like that, in a way. I’m not new to paganism, but I’m new to try to actively know and practice paganism and witchcraft. I’m currently taking things I’ve learned and writing it down in a word document which currently is my Book of Shadows, while listening to a video by Witchontherocks on YouTube about customizing your spirituality.

I know it will take a while to get into my spirituality and grow in it. It’s one thing to gather knowledge, it’s a totally other thing to know the knowledge. I’m not in a hurry, but I can admit that I’d like to know things now and do things now. But I’m also mature enough to know that’s impossible and won’t get me anything.

So I’m reading, learning, but most importantly I’m trying to go my own way.

“it’s not what you say, it’s what you feel and believe inside. Anyone can spout off words. You know anyone can just spew bullshit. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna manifest or mean anything. And reading shit from a book. These *holding up a book* are examples, people, these are not what you’re supposed to live your life by. Or live you entire spiritual path by.”  – Witchontherocks

Now I’ve rambled enough, check out this video, and blessed be.


A Try At Meditation

So, I’m sitting on the sofa next to my boyfriend and I’m trying to meditate. It’s working good enough, since he’s sitting next to me shouting at the game he’s playing on his computer. But it breaks my concentration so I gave up. I listened to some meditation music on YouTube and tried to keep in mind what I’ve read and heard about meditating.

This was more an exercise for me than a true meditation. I thought about clearing my mind and grounding myself. Since I’m not very good at concentrating at things, I’ve got a short attention-span, it’s difficult but I’m determined to learn how to clear and ground myself. I think I would feel physically and mentally better and more at peace if I do.

I was able to relax and get that almost floating feeling, but I couldn’t seem to center and ground myself. I keep my concentration by physically looking straightforward on the insides of my eyelids. If I do that, I feel more centered and “there”. Some people imagine their chakras while centering and grounding, but I’m not sure if that’s working. Perhaps I just need more practice and understating of what I’m doing.

I’ve heard and read of people grounding by thinking of themselves as trees. That they ground themselves by imagining roots going into the earth and branching stretching toward the sun. It kind of worked for me. I could pull up a picture of myself sitting by a tree and sunlight shining. But I can only conjure the image from a 3rd point of view, I can’t center the image on myself at all.

It worked better when I tried imagining a tree made of blue water in a pond for some reason, probably since I’m a water sign. I’ll experiment a bit more, but when I’m at my own place and my boyfriend isn’t sitting about 40 cm from me and shouting at a computer screen, bless his heart.

Blessed Be

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