Goddess of the Week: Brighid


Lady Brighid

Lady Brighid of the Bards 
Blessed Fire of Inspiration 
Spark the flames within our hearts
Lead our creative exploration
Lady Brighid hear our song
As we give offerings of praise 
Let your blessings make us strong
that we may serve you all our days

Brighid’s name means Bright Arrow, and She is the Goddess of goddess of fire (the forge and the hearth), poetry, healing, childbirth, and unity. The Sabbat Imbolc coincides with Brighid’s Day, and she is therefore the most celebrated goddess during this sabbat.

Brighid is the daughter of the Dagda, and she was later turned to a christian saint, St. Brigid, by the church. She had two sisters, also named Brighid, and so is a Triple Goddess.

For more information about this wonderful Goddess that I find myself coming back to, look at this british website dedicated to Her;


Blessed Be