First Guestblogger: The Robin

This is the first guestblogging on my blog and the writer is a good friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, therefore they’re using the name Robin. Enjoy!

I sincerely believe I don’t have anything interesting enough to write about, but being friends with Vaettr means that I constantly hear things like “you should write a guest entry in my blog”, “you could blog about that”, “blog bloggie blogblog”. And Vaettr is a pretty damn good friend, and I thrive on making other people happy, so here we go.

I’m also in the closet. Not the broom kind (pretty sure here), or the gay kind (not quite as sure here), or any commonly defined kind of closet. I am a scientist who hides her strong desire of magic to be real. I believe in math, physics, long academic texts full of references, and tell everyone thats -all- I believe.

I also know that if there was an article in Nature, or any other as reputable journal, showing a mathematical proof of magic, I would drop my science career in an instant to become a witch.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I find the thought so intriguing. I don’t like tarot cards, only because my friend own a deck that seems to hate me. I don’t think spells or prayers work at all, but I constantly chant mantras loud when I’m alone. I don’t believe in prophetic dreams or spirit guardians, but I constantly meet up with my lovely animus in dreams, because hey, that’s science!

Why can’t I just tell people, “Sure, I’m a scientist, but I find this new age thingie SO interesting?”. Easy answer; I’m afraid to open up and admit it. The difficult question is “Why am I so afraid of that?”. I think I know the answer to that question as well, but it is just too frightening to say out loud. Better just discuss it with my animus, then do nothing.

So, lovely people reading this blog, how did you find the courage to acknowledge your beliefs and tell people about it? Because I’m stumped here.

Oh, I’m a buddhist as well. But only online when I’m anonymous.

Signed, The Robin