Witchy Kitty


I was almost asleep when my Cat started “talking” with me, meowing away like there was no tomorrow. I turned on the light and her sitting on one of my chests where I keep my twitchy stuff.

Unfortunately she moved just before the picture, but I wanted to post it anyway..
Funny is when I turned on the lights she sropped, now as I lay in my bed in the dark writing this, she won’t shut up.

Do I live with a cat that’s afraid of the dark?

Blessed be

Simon Says Basket


Mum’s cat decided the basket was a nice place to be. I’m at my parent’s home for the week to celebrate my birthday and while I miss my own cat, Simon is a good substitute!

Pet or Familiar?

I’ve seen people write about this subject, and I though I would give it a try. I know the witch and her black cat-image is not totally true, although I have to admit that my cat Velvet is black. I have heard many theories about whether your pet is a familiar or just a regular family pet. Some just say that their pet is a familiar, while some claim that the familiar is an animal that comes to you, not the other way around. It’s not just about having a cuddly animal that you love to pet and play with. A familiar is a pet that also give you strength and a boost, so to say, during rituals and such.

Personally, while I love both my pets, my cat Velvet and my dog Spike, who you can coo over in the picture above, I do not feel that they are my familiars, even do I feel a connection with them both. I’ve had Velvet for 2 years and Spike is my boyfriend’s whom I met a year ago. I love them both dearly, and I know they reciprocate. Spike is always by my side, even now he’s lying at my feet. So no, they are not my familiar, but they’re no less loved or important because of this.

Do you have a familiar or a beloved pet?