Days of Witchery: 34. Rune of Your Choice.

My Favorite Rune, Thurisaz

Thurs/Thurisaz stands for chaos, transformation, a necessary destructive force, from the fire turned to ashes the phoenix rises from. Like an active volcano, covering the landscape with glowing lava and ash, Thurs burns anything that gets in its way.

There is something very sexual in this Thurs-energy, which certainly does not manifest in romantic love, but rather – if you want to exaggerate the  symbolism – the experimental group sex orgies with S/M-elements and bondage. Pleasure and pain coexist.

The corresponding energies in other systems of thought could be one of the gods Shiva or Kali, the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and the planet Pluto, which represents both the birth and death, sexuality and power, violence and rebellion.

Thurs arouses fear because it reveals our darkest, most dangerous and destructive aspects within us. But fear is a good servant, and a bad master. We need to tear down the old to make way for the new.

Thurs represents in its worst form of evil – but just as often the purification, catharsis, from which new strength and insight can be born. Much power can be gained from this rune, but you must be willing to sacrifice something. Odin sacrificed one of his eyes in Mimir’s well to be all-seeing, and Tyr sacrificed his right hand in  the mouth of the Fenriswolf, but was invincible in battle.

The road to wisdom and inner wealth, shaman way, is a painful way, and all awakenings contains both suffering and clarity. But on this way Thurs is an indispensable resource.

(Text translated from Grimners Runes)