Days of Witchery: 18. Have You Had Any Paranormal Experiences?

When I hear paranormal I think about UFO’s and things like that, and that’s something I’ve never experienced or been interested in. When I was a christian, I heard a lot about healing and miracles, but I never really experienced things like that personally or ever saw it happen.

I remember one time when I was little and my guinea pig was sick. I stood by my window, praying to God to care of him and not let him suffer. The next day he was dead. When mom came in to tell me I kind of already knew and was really calm about. Because I knew God had listened to me.

Today I don’t know if it was truly the christian God who listened, or if it was the All or something else entirely. But it’s a memory I’m fond of and thought to share with you. It’s not something wildly paranormal or “cool”, but it’s something in my life I look back on and can’t really explain.

Recently, in step with me being more open with my spirituality, I’ve become more sensitive to energies around me. I’m reacting a lot to places where I known people have died and suffered. I worked at a tower that served as a prison between the 17th-19th century. The basement there worked as a darkcell where people sat isolated without heat, light and half food ransoms. It was like walking into a wall, I could barely breathe in there. I also react strongly to the Gallows’ Hill I’ve blogged about a couple of posts ago. I went there to pick plants with two friends and stopped about 3 metres away from it. I couldn’t walk any closer, the same feeling like in the tower came over me and I actually started crying this time.

Perhaps not much of a paranormal experience, but it’s something I’ve been through and can’t truly explain.

What have you experienced?

Blessed Be

Days of Witchery: 1. What’s Your Witchy Background?

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I remember when I was a child, standing on the balcony with a lit match in my hand, praying to the moon. This was my first taste of the pagan world and religion at all. But at this time I was also a scout in the Salvation Army and sang in the State Church, so I was really exposed to christianity. As I started second stage of Compulsory School (age 13-16), the only people who deemed me interesting enough to socialize with, were the christian girls in the class. So obviously they’re were the ones I hang out with.

During my time as christian, I always looked back at my pagan faith and longed back to it, one way or another. I alway prayed to “the Father”, almost never to Jesus. My christian faith felt false, and I hated the feeling of hypocrisy that came over me every time I “acted” christian.

Finally, in 2009, I renounced my christian faith. I still have friends in my old christian community and they accept me. They’re sad about my renouncement, and they still hope I’ll change my mind, but they don’t preach and we’re still friends.  I didn’t go directly from christianity to my current pagan faith, though it wasn’t far from it.

When I came to Gotland and my university, my faith started to grow. I was randomly pagan at first, and then I had my nose in both some kind of buddhism and satanism before arriving to where I am today, about to open up and let everyone know where I stand.

I am perhaps not truly wiccan, but I am an Eclectic Pagan and pray to the God and the Goddess.

So here you have my kind of witchy background, hope you found it interesting, I know I didn’t.. XD

Blessed Be