Days of Witchery: 33. Faerie Of Your Choice.

I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing or noticing the presence of a faerie, well perhaps once I think I had a Salamander or fire faerie in my lantern. So I did a little list of a list I found. I took the text of those faeries (although most are beings of the fae/faerie-family) I liked and put them here:

Asparas – Usually female, also known as sky-dancers. They bless humans at important stages in their lives, and are often seen at weddings. They live in fig trees and sometimes appear to scholars or scientists, seduce and exhaust them, making sure they don’t venture into areas that the spirit world deems unfit.

Dinnshenchas – Dwarf faeries in the service of the Irish Goddess Aine, who is both a cattle Goddess and a Goddess who protects women. They have been said to shape shift into any form to help average women harmed by men. They also guard cattle.

Dryads – Tree-dwelling, playful, female creatures. They seem open to human contact, but are very capricious, and it would be hard to tell if one was in the mood to help, play, or just tease. Dryads prefer to live in willow trees, and are seen as not more than enchanting wisps of pure light, sometimes gently colored.

Fays – The word Fay is similar to the Latin word fautum , which means “fate”, a word from which many Romance languages take their generic names for faeries. Other such names are Fee, Fada, Fae, Fata, and Fas. They’re tiny, winged seasonal faeries who are born teasers and have very capricious natures, but are never malicious.

Geancanach – Pronounced “Gan-cahn-ock”. They’re pixie-like in appearance, with huge eyes that curve upward on the ends and pointed ears. They are the guardians of home hearths, and they crave the warmth of the fireside and are quite harmless to have around, although they do have a tendency to play pranks.

Moss People – Are both male and female and have large butterfly wings attached to lithe bodies that look mostly human. They’re very beautiful creatures, though hard to detect in the wild, where they tend to hide in moss and other dark wood foliage. They’re shy of people and very capricious. Moss People are good luck to have around. Keep their environment clean and natural if you wish to continue to have them.

So, there you have them, my favorite “faeries”. See anyone you liked or did I get anything wrong? Which is your favorite?

Blessed Be

Days of Witchery: 32. A Pagan/Witchy Artwork.

Days of Witchery: 31. A Favorite Pagan/Witchy Movie.

Mists of Avalon, no doubt at all. If you haven’t seen this movie, do it now. It’s beautiful!

Blessed Be, Vaettr

Days of Witchery: 30. Witchy Tools: Wand.

Since I don’t have a wand of my own yet, I can only show you a pretty picture of a wand.

Some questions to my dear readers:

Do you have a wand and what is it made of?

Did you buy it or make it?

What do you use your wand for?

Blessed Be, Vaettr

Days of Witchery: 29. Water Element.

I’m a Scorpio, and that means that Water is my element. However, I’ve always believed your element is a personal preference, instead of an astrological one. Still, Water is my element. I love long showers, where I can just sit down on the floor to think or even doze off for a bit. When I was a child I was the first and last into the water during the summerdays.

People with the water element are said to be emotional and attuned to others emotions as well, which is very true for me. Some keywords for how a person assigned the water element is;

intuitive, emotional, imaginative, nurturing, secretive, dreamy

Blessed Be, Vaettr

Days of Witchery: 28. A Witchy I-Want-It-Now!

A Green Spirit from Solkristallen

There’s so much more I want, like a wand, an athame, a pendulum and many more things. But this green spirit is so beautiful I want to take her home… ^^

Days of Witchery: 27. Picture of Nature (earth element).


Days of Witchery: 26. A Witchy Podcast.

And here is where I disappoint you all, I don’t actually follow any podcasts, pagan or not. So if you have any interesting and fun podcasts to share, feel free and I’ll listen to them!


Days of Witchery:25. How Do Others Feel About Your Witchy Path?

I’m lucky to live where I do and have such accepting friends. Sweden has a great acceptance of different religious and spiritual beliefs, both by law and society as a whole. Sure there are close-minded idiots here as well, but where aren’t there any of those?

My family knows I’m a bit spiritual and “up in the blue”. So when mom came to visit and saw my new altar she didn’t even blink. Of course my family doesn’t believe the same as I do, and they don’t really understand what or why I believe in what I do. But that they accept that I’m happy practicing my beliefs are good enough for them. I think some of them were more worried about my christian faith than my pagan faith.

Most of Sweden are atheists so it’s not uncommon for people to be careful about religion and what they think and believe in. You’re more likely to be excluded for too “much” or “showy” beliefs, than if you’re quiet about your faith.

So when I talk about being pagan, I get general acceptance, some raised eyebrows and some exclamations of “Cool!”, but I have yet to have a fully negative response from someone about my faith. Which is nice, but I still would practice and believe even if I did.

Blessed Be, Vaettr

Days of Witchery: 24. Your Moon Sign.


“Intuitive, imaginative, compassionate, romantic, easily influenced. Likes emotionally rich situations, enjoys being creative. Hates strict rules and discipline.” – Moon Sign Calculator

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