Once In A Blue Moon; Tarot Reading

Today I decided to do a bit of meditation under the blue moon, and while I was sitting there I felt like I should ask my tarot deck a question. So I did, and the question in the front of my mind had to do with my current relationship status. My relationship with my boyfriend recently ended and I was meditating on how I should act taking my first steps into the life of being single again. To this question, I got the King of Swords. Now, I’m not the best at reading tarot, I’ve had my deck for maybe 3 years now but I still can’t read them good without a book and interpret them well enough.

What I got though from the card is that it feels like even though there are a lot going on around me right now, a whirlwind of work, essays, new people coming to the island to study, I should keep a cool head. So even if I may want to throw myself into a new relationship or even have a passionate, thrilling night once in a while, I need to take a step back and just breathe and be in solitude in that aspect for a little time. And I think that is absolutely right. I may want someone to kiss and cuddle and talk to, but my journey right now needs to take an inward path, and I need to do that alone. So even if the fire of passion or the whirlwind of air want to grab me away in a wild dance, I have to focus and connect with the grounding earth and the calming water.

Now this may not really be what the King of Swords stands for, but this is what spoke out inside me, and I feel I should follow that inner suggestion.

What do you think the King of Swords stands for? And what have you been doing under the blue moon?

Blessed Be

Days of Witchery: 27. Picture of Nature (earth element).


Days of Witchery: 15. Thoughts on the Afterlife?


The world, the earth, Mother Earth is living.

Not just photosynthesis and biological cycles but Mother Earth IS.

Not truly active and deciding like the christian God, but passive and sentinent.

Not just mud and grass, but not actively participating either.

Moving and still at the same time.

Like a sphere physically made out of water.

It’s a sphere, a ball, not fixed and unchanging. But variable and ever changing.

We humans (and other beings) are like dolphins.

Our lives are the jumps the dolphins make. 

We are active, independent to engage in life to later go back to the whole, the passive world that IS.


So, this is a little something I wrote to describe the way I see life and living (and dying) to myself. It’s not really about the afterlife, but it goes together with it. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. Neither do I really believe in Nirvana or Hel and Valhalla.

I truly believe in the Circle of Life. We live and die, taking and giving from the earth. In a perfect world that I hope for, reincarnation exists. If reincarnation doesn’t happen, then we will go back to Mother Earth as a whole. A beautiful compost pile, even though that isn’t a pretty picture. It’s how I see it though. I hope for reincarnation, but it truly doesn’t matter does it?

I want to believe in reincarnation because of some human fear of dying. But the point is moot since if I were to die and reincarnate I would not remember it. The awareness I have now will go away and turn into a new person, a new reality and awareness. My spirit and soul will be the same perhaps, but nothing else.

I still like the thought of being reincarnated, but not across species like in Hinduism. My favorite book series are about reincarnation. I’ll do a post about that another day though…

Blessed Be