Days of Witchery; 2. A Myth or Story from Folklore.

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How Earthquakes Come To Pass And Why We Kiss Under The Mistletoe

We all know the trickster god of the north, the Giant/God Loki. Most of us also knows that as he was a God of Michief, he often played tricks on his fellow Gods. On trick went deadly though, and that was the Death of Baldur.

Baldur always had dreams, and once, he dreamt about his own death. His mother Frigg then went to all the living things and asked them not to harm her son. They all agreed, but Frigg forgot to ask the Mistletoe. So Loki fashioned an arrow out of mistletoe wood, and then got the blind brother of Baldur, Höder, to aim it toward the beautiful god.

The arrow flew and Baldur fell down dead. This was one trick of Loki’s the other god’s couldn’t forgive, so they tied him down in Helheim, his daughter’s domain of the dead. Skadi, the wife of Njord, fastened a snake around a stalactite over Loki’s head. The snake dripped down venom on him, but his wife, the ever faithful Sigyn, stayed by his side and held a bowl over her husband so the venom would drip down in that instead of Loki.

But eventually, the bowl would fill and she had to empty it. While she hurriedly did so, drops of venom landed on Loki and the pain made him cringe and writhe so the very earth moved. And that’s where the earthquakes come from according to Norse Mythology.

After all this happened, Frigg decided that the Mistletoe should be sacred and stand for love and joy instead of death. So people started to celebrate this by kissing in under it. And that is why we kiss under the mistletoe during christmas. I love how all sorts of myths and holidays come together, just like all religions should, even though they’re not.

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