Once In A Blue Moon; Tarot Reading

Today I decided to do a bit of meditation under the blue moon, and while I was sitting there I felt like I should ask my tarot deck a question. So I did, and the question in the front of my mind had to do with my current relationship status. My relationship with my boyfriend recently ended and I was meditating on how I should act taking my first steps into the life of being single again. To this question, I got the King of Swords. Now, I’m not the best at reading tarot, I’ve had my deck for maybe 3 years now but I still can’t read them good without a book and interpret them well enough.

What I got though from the card is that it feels like even though there are a lot going on around me right now, a whirlwind of work, essays, new people coming to the island to study, I should keep a cool head. So even if I may want to throw myself into a new relationship or even have a passionate, thrilling night once in a while, I need to take a step back and just breathe and be in solitude in that aspect for a little time. And I think that is absolutely right. I may want someone to kiss and cuddle and talk to, but my journey right now needs to take an inward path, and I need to do that alone. So even if the fire of passion or the whirlwind of air want to grab me away in a wild dance, I have to focus and connect with the grounding earth and the calming water.

Now this may not really be what the King of Swords stands for, but this is what spoke out inside me, and I feel I should follow that inner suggestion.

What do you think the King of Swords stands for? And what have you been doing under the blue moon?

Blessed Be

Days of Witchery: 19. Fire Element.

Passion, curiosity. An inquisitive flame of creativity. Fire is what drives us all in life, what makes us burn for causes and other people. This is my intuitive summary of fire.

Yesterday I was sitting trying to write on one of my stories (a HP fanfiction) and I got stuck. I lit some candles and I could immediately concentrate better. while I  was writing, the flame in my medieval lantern (made of wood and pig bladder) started to flicker and didn’t stop until I went over to the flame. It could have been some little wind irritating the fire, but it felt like it was a little fire sprite coming for a visit, helping me with my writing…

Have you had any experience with the element fire?

Days of Witchery: 17. Picture of Nature, Fire.

My private, personal picture of a swedish Jester’s group called Trix.

Goddess of the Week: Brighid


Lady Brighid

Lady Brighid of the Bards 
Blessed Fire of Inspiration 
Spark the flames within our hearts
Lead our creative exploration
Lady Brighid hear our song
As we give offerings of praise 
Let your blessings make us strong
that we may serve you all our days

Brighid’s name means Bright Arrow, and She is the Goddess of goddess of fire (the forge and the hearth), poetry, healing, childbirth, and unity. The Sabbat Imbolc coincides with Brighid’s Day, and she is therefore the most celebrated goddess during this sabbat.

Brighid is the daughter of the Dagda, and she was later turned to a christian saint, St. Brigid, by the church. She had two sisters, also named Brighid, and so is a Triple Goddess.

For more information about this wonderful Goddess that I find myself coming back to, look at this british website dedicated to Her;


Blessed Be