My Crystals For The Day






I wore these today at work for strength, focus, will, protection, and banishment against alcohol. I figured since amethyst are supposed to help against addiction and alcohol consumption, maybe it can protect against alcohol consumers as well. And hey, it actually worked! I work at a large food chain and working the nightshift a saturday can be fun but also uncomfortable. I wore these crystals in my bra (since I didn’t have any pockets) and they helped me through my shift and I actually left work happy (as happy you can be at 4 am)!


© Emily Gems




© Spellkits For Believers

Quartz Crystal

© Amuletten


© Australia Gems

Study Stones: Fluorite

Fluorite helps with your concentration and intuition, a great stone when you need to sit down and do your schoolwork or just your usual work-work. It helps you take a step back, seeing the forest instead of just the trees. Fluorite helps with objectivity, truth, intellect, consciousness,  cleansing and harmony. It negates disorganization, depression and disruptive behavior.

One of my favorite stones, this was my “first” stone, together with amethyst. Because of this I have a special bond with the fluorite.

What’s your “first” stone?

Blessed Be, Vaettr