Midnight (Later Actually) Mabon


Even though I had a busy day, I swore I’d at least celebrate a small Mabon even if I had to do it very late. I came home from work around 4 am, and what did I do? I set up my altar and celebrated and small Mabon. Not elaborate at all. Just thanking The Mother Goddess and Harvest God and asking for their blessing and protection, while offering what I had at home.

Still, I’m pleased and even though I had a hurried Mabon it was still very spiritual and I feel at peace.

How did you celebrate Mabon?

Mabon 2011 – Late Post

So here is some late pictures of my celebration of Mabon. This is my first ever celebration of a pagan holiday so it was very special. The copyright of the pictures belong to me and to Solkristallen.

Preparing the Altar

Where we prayed and sacrificed to the  Goddess/Crone/Grandmother Earth

Our Sacrifices

The Altar

Our little magical family having a feast

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and soon it will be Samhain!

How will you be celebrating Samhain?