Days of Witchery: 21. A Favourite Scent.

I would probably say usually that I love the smell of spices like cinnamon and cloves, like yogi tea or gingerbread. But right now I’ve found another scent that I adore (except the smell of my boyfriend), and that is Black Coconut Incense. I don’t have a picture specifically, but I think that an actual coconut is just as good. ^^

My Preliminary Altar


So this is a picture of my altar, although it’s not much of an altar. This is the shelf over my computerdesk, and I’m planning on doing an altartable so I can sit and meditate infront of it. Right now I barely see it as it’s above my head. It’s better than nothing though.

On here I have my two triple goddess candle holders, my herbs, my incense, my fairies and some rabbitpelts. I also have my crystals up there. The pentagram on the wall is also a candle holder for tealights.

I will update on my altar when I’ve gotten the table home, I promise!

)O( Blessed Be )O(



Lemon tea with Milk, Incense and Past Lives

picture taken from

The sound of my cat’s lapping water and the low mystical music from Avalon’s Mists can be heard in the apartment. I have made myself a cup of lemon tea with milkand a touch of honey, and I lean back in my chair, gently sipping it.

Candlelight casts shadows through the room of 28 squaremetres. 4 candles on my desktop, one in my small window, one over the stove and one on the bookshelf.

The Black and Coconut incense creates a mystery in my apartment that I missedwhen I lived in the collective. I will open my home again, one could say. Inviting the forces some call God, others call ghosts to my home.

The incense smells really good. Unlighted one smell something you associate with candy, lighted it smells of smoke, cloudy vanilla and makes me think of leather tents and sweaty bodies for some obscure reason.

A peephole into a former life, perhaps?
Just a small description of an evening at my place,

Blessed Be…