Fixing and Compiling My Path

It started with a word document named Wicca, and I put a lot of stuff in there. Then I tried to make it organized, which didn’t work. Now I’ve erased that and opened a new document, which I’m now calling My Path. And I’m calling it that because I’m not wiccan. Partly because I’m not relating to wicca 100 %, partly because I’ve not been actively studying and being spiritual long enough to call me that. And I have respect for people out there who are true wiccans, that I won’t call myself that. I don’t wanna bee seen as one of those people who calls themselves wicca after two weeks.

So I’m now sitting and compiling things that I believe in, and that I have with me in my path. People sometimes call Wicca the New Old Religion, and I feel like that, in a way. I’m not new to paganism, but I’m new to try to actively know and practice paganism and witchcraft. I’m currently taking things I’ve learned and writing it down in a word document which currently is my Book of Shadows, while listening to a video by Witchontherocks on YouTube about customizing your spirituality.

I know it will take a while to get into my spirituality and grow in it. It’s one thing to gather knowledge, it’s a totally other thing to know the knowledge. I’m not in a hurry, but I can admit that I’d like to know things now and do things now. But I’m also mature enough to know that’s impossible and won’t get me anything.

So I’m reading, learning, but most importantly I’m trying to go my own way.

“it’s not what you say, it’s what you feel and believe inside. Anyone can spout off words. You know anyone can just spew bullshit. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna manifest or mean anything. And reading shit from a book. These *holding up a book* are examples, people, these are not what you’re supposed to live your life by. Or live you entire spiritual path by.”  – Witchontherocks

Now I’ve rambled enough, check out this video, and blessed be.