Pagan Baking

So I’m thinking about baking something tomorrow, and why not bake something “witchy” while I’m at it? I’d like some ideas since I rarely bake. What should I do for my bake date tomorrow?

Så jag funderar på att baka imorgon, och tänkte baka något “witchy” medan jag ändå håller på. Någon som har någon idé att dela med sig?

Blessed Be

Tip of my Tongue

All the talk about the shopkeeper and me not being at the Imbolc ritual had me remembering the Mabon ritual I attended. I loved it and it was wonderful, but there was one thing there I didn’t really believe in or felt comfortable with, even though I cried when it happened. There was a certain word she used describing it, what it was. During the ritual she went away and sat under a tree by a large slab of stone, and she was, for lack of better words, “possessed” by the Goddess. She lent her body to the Goddess so we could talk directly to her and she to us. It was a strong feeling, but I was still uncomfortable with it, and when something doesn’t feel good, you shouldn’t do it, right?

So what I’m asking is, what was this she did and was I right to be uncomfortable with it?

Blessed Be,


A Pagan Dream

So I had a dream a couple of nights ago, and it was clearly of pagan character. The night before I had smudged the bed and hanged up my dreamcatcher.

The details are fuzzy now, but there was a cave lined with red roses, that I only could access in the company of the Tuatha dé Danann. Cernunnos was there, and there were some romantic (not sexual) moments. I put a lock of my hair by the cave so he could find me when I was away. Then there were some running and some deer and some golden lights sent by Cernunnos to me.

The cave could be the entrance to the underground to where the Tuatha dé Danann were banished, but symbolically I’m not so sure. It’s hard to figure out your own dreams. I’m good with others but not with my own.

Someone who has any ideas about my dream?

Symbols in my dream:

  • Cernunnos
  • Cave
  • Roses
  • Lock of hair
  • deer
  • golden lights

Consolation Picture


Since I’m kinda busy at the moment and don’t really have time to write any longer posts, here’s a consolation picture, so you know I’m still alive. ^^

Blessed Be!

A Little Bag of Magic

I’ve done myself a little “mojo”bag to carry around with me. I’ve gotten more interested in herbmagic and decided to try it out. I have now filled a little leather bag with Neem leaves, St. John’s Wort and Blackberry leaves. I’m going to have it with me in a pocket or a bag all the time, and see what happens. I don’t know if these really go good together, but they spoke to me and it felt like they had the properties I need in my life right now. There’s a lot of change right now, so the neem is the one I have the most of. What do you use in your little bags?


Neem is good for gaining happiness and power, can be worn for luck. It’s good when taking in changes in your life.

St. John’s Wort

It’s most known for it’s properties to sooth depression.
It’s also good for your overall health, protection, divination and love.

Blackberries Leaves

Blackberries most prominent abilities are healing, money magic and protection.

)O( Blessed Be )O(

Mabon 2011 – Late Post

So here is some late pictures of my celebration of Mabon. This is my first ever celebration of a pagan holiday so it was very special. The copyright of the pictures belong to me and to Solkristallen.

Preparing the Altar

Where we prayed and sacrificed to the  Goddess/Crone/Grandmother Earth

Our Sacrifices

The Altar

Our little magical family having a feast

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and soon it will be Samhain!

How will you be celebrating Samhain?

Days of Witchery: 31. A Favorite Pagan/Witchy Movie.

Mists of Avalon, no doubt at all. If you haven’t seen this movie, do it now. It’s beautiful!

Blessed Be, Vaettr

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Days of Witchery:25. How Do Others Feel About Your Witchy Path?

I’m lucky to live where I do and have such accepting friends. Sweden has a great acceptance of different religious and spiritual beliefs, both by law and society as a whole. Sure there are close-minded idiots here as well, but where aren’t there any of those?

My family knows I’m a bit spiritual and “up in the blue”. So when mom came to visit and saw my new altar she didn’t even blink. Of course my family doesn’t believe the same as I do, and they don’t really understand what or why I believe in what I do. But that they accept that I’m happy practicing my beliefs are good enough for them. I think some of them were more worried about my christian faith than my pagan faith.

Most of Sweden are atheists so it’s not uncommon for people to be careful about religion and what they think and believe in. You’re more likely to be excluded for too “much” or “showy” beliefs, than if you’re quiet about your faith.

So when I talk about being pagan, I get general acceptance, some raised eyebrows and some exclamations of “Cool!”, but I have yet to have a fully negative response from someone about my faith. Which is nice, but I still would practice and believe even if I did.

Blessed Be, Vaettr

I Believe Introductions Are In Order!

Merry Meet

So, I’m a coward and haven’t really introduced myself on this blog. I decided that enough is enough and I should stop hiding at least from the people reading my blog. If someone stumbles upon my blog that doesn’t know I’m pagan, tough luck. I am who I am and I want my spirit to be as free as possible.

Look, a picture! That’s me, hi! You know me as Vaettr and will continue to do so since I don’t want to involve my real name in this. I henna my hair red (there’s no other color henna can be) and I can’t get people to agree on which color my eyes are. They’re a confusing mixture of blue, gray and green with some orange that you can barely see because of my abnormally large pupils (Doctors always ask me if I taking something).

My most common makeup is black eyes and red lipstick. I never use rogue or foundation. I have 7 ear piercings and planning to tattoos, one on my spine and one on my shoulder. I’m not skinny but I’m not “fat” either. I have a curvy pear/hourglass figure.

My fashion sense depends on my mood. When I were young I wore only black. Now though, my colors are brown, green and yellow/orange. I wear harem-pants  and loosely fitted tops that most often goes over the hips.

I go to Gotland University and study archaeology there in my last year. Next year I hope to move to England. I used to do kickboxing and sing in a choir, but now I’m busy with being late in school. I read, blog, watch tv-series (Criminal Minds, Merlin and Numb3rs are a few of my favorites).

I’ve recently started a study group called Study Knights, where some friends and I can help each other out with schoolwork and other assignments.

My pagan past I’ve already written about, so I’ll that out of this “description”. My pagan now is growing and I look forward to what my pagan future will look like.

So there you have me, kind of. Now I want to know about you. Write a comment about who you are, or if you’re not comfortable with that you can e-mail me at I’d really like to know who reads my blog and what kind of person you are, get to know you.

Blessed Be!

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