Pagan Baking

So I’m thinking about baking something tomorrow, and why not bake something “witchy” while I’m at it? I’d like some ideas since I rarely bake. What should I do for my bake date tomorrow?

Så jag funderar på att baka imorgon, och tänkte baka något “witchy” medan jag ändå håller på. Någon som har någon idé att dela med sig?

Blessed Be

The Gray Area


I was in my favorite store today, the esoteric shop where I buy all my “witchy” stuff as well as the henna I use for my hair. The owner is a high priestess and has Sabbat Ceremonies sometimes. I’ve been on one and I loved it, it felt like I was part of the family, even though I’m mostly solitary and didn’t believe everything that happened (when she was “possessed” by the Goddess and She talked through the shop owner, don’t remember what it’s called). A couple of days ago they celebrated Imbolc, and I didn’t join in. I’m a student and sometimes I can’t afford to spend 29 dollar/19 pounds on a ceremony although I dearly want to. Instead I did something small at home.

So imagine how I felt when I went in there and mentioned the ceremony and hoped they’d had a good time and that I was sad I wasn’t there, she replied with that I couldn’t be in the gray zone all the time. That threw me for a bit, I felt a little sad to be honest. Just because I didn’t join them for Imbolc doesn’t mean that I didn’t celebrate on my own (which was a short meditation, since I study about 200% at the moment). And that she said it infront of other customers made me feel even worse. Am I a bad witch/pagan just because I didn’t join them or because I can’t be as fully pledged into it as they are?

Being pagan is something I can’t give up, even if my life is stressful and I don’t have time to truly commit. And to be told I’m basically not as good as the others who go to the shop’s ceremonies hit med hard. Am I overreacting, did she have point?

What do you guys think?

Sincerely, a slightly sad and wondering Vaettr

Days of Witchery: 37. A Famous Pagan/Witch!

I don’t know if this has been proved true or not, but it has been said that Viggo Mortensen (Aragon in LotR) is pagan, or “heathen”. Something that strengthens these rumours is his use of a thor’s hammer necklace as well as other assorted necklaces. It’s also been said he has some pagan tattoos. How true this really is about him being a “heathen” however I’m not so sure about. As I am swedish and we have close relations with Denmark, I know that the old religion is really strong as a national pride thing. A lot of young people have pagan or norse tattoos. They feel a bond with the religion but doesn’t necessary believe in it.

What do you think? Pagan or Not? 

35. Something that I think people who don’t know much about paganism/witchcraft should know.

Phew, long title that’s probably going to be longer than the actual post… XD

What I want people who don’t know much about paganism to know, hmm.. It’s a difficult question, since I don’t know much either. But who does? I would probably like them to know foremost that we’re not satanists who run around naked in the forest, sacrificing newborn babies.

Also that most have their own beliefs, not one pagan have the same faith. What works for me can be very wrong for someone else. And that’s all I have to say about that.

What do you think?

Blessed Be

Days of Witchery: 19. Fire Element.

Passion, curiosity. An inquisitive flame of creativity. Fire is what drives us all in life, what makes us burn for causes and other people. This is my intuitive summary of fire.

Yesterday I was sitting trying to write on one of my stories (a HP fanfiction) and I got stuck. I lit some candles and I could immediately concentrate better. while I  was writing, the flame in my medieval lantern (made of wood and pig bladder) started to flicker and didn’t stop until I went over to the flame. It could have been some little wind irritating the fire, but it felt like it was a little fire sprite coming for a visit, helping me with my writing…

Have you had any experience with the element fire?

Days of Witchery: 18. Have You Had Any Paranormal Experiences?

When I hear paranormal I think about UFO’s and things like that, and that’s something I’ve never experienced or been interested in. When I was a christian, I heard a lot about healing and miracles, but I never really experienced things like that personally or ever saw it happen.

I remember one time when I was little and my guinea pig was sick. I stood by my window, praying to God to care of him and not let him suffer. The next day he was dead. When mom came in to tell me I kind of already knew and was really calm about. Because I knew God had listened to me.

Today I don’t know if it was truly the christian God who listened, or if it was the All or something else entirely. But it’s a memory I’m fond of and thought to share with you. It’s not something wildly paranormal or “cool”, but it’s something in my life I look back on and can’t really explain.

Recently, in step with me being more open with my spirituality, I’ve become more sensitive to energies around me. I’m reacting a lot to places where I known people have died and suffered. I worked at a tower that served as a prison between the 17th-19th century. The basement there worked as a darkcell where people sat isolated without heat, light and half food ransoms. It was like walking into a wall, I could barely breathe in there. I also react strongly to the Gallows’ Hill I’ve blogged about a couple of posts ago. I went there to pick plants with two friends and stopped about 3 metres away from it. I couldn’t walk any closer, the same feeling like in the tower came over me and I actually started crying this time.

Perhaps not much of a paranormal experience, but it’s something I’ve been through and can’t truly explain.

What have you experienced?

Blessed Be

I Believe Introductions Are In Order!

Merry Meet

So, I’m a coward and haven’t really introduced myself on this blog. I decided that enough is enough and I should stop hiding at least from the people reading my blog. If someone stumbles upon my blog that doesn’t know I’m pagan, tough luck. I am who I am and I want my spirit to be as free as possible.

Look, a picture! That’s me, hi! You know me as Vaettr and will continue to do so since I don’t want to involve my real name in this. I henna my hair red (there’s no other color henna can be) and I can’t get people to agree on which color my eyes are. They’re a confusing mixture of blue, gray and green with some orange that you can barely see because of my abnormally large pupils (Doctors always ask me if I taking something).

My most common makeup is black eyes and red lipstick. I never use rogue or foundation. I have 7 ear piercings and planning to tattoos, one on my spine and one on my shoulder. I’m not skinny but I’m not “fat” either. I have a curvy pear/hourglass figure.

My fashion sense depends on my mood. When I were young I wore only black. Now though, my colors are brown, green and yellow/orange. I wear harem-pants  and loosely fitted tops that most often goes over the hips.

I go to Gotland University and study archaeology there in my last year. Next year I hope to move to England. I used to do kickboxing and sing in a choir, but now I’m busy with being late in school. I read, blog, watch tv-series (Criminal Minds, Merlin and Numb3rs are a few of my favorites).

I’ve recently started a study group called Study Knights, where some friends and I can help each other out with schoolwork and other assignments.

My pagan past I’ve already written about, so I’ll that out of this “description”. My pagan now is growing and I look forward to what my pagan future will look like.

So there you have me, kind of. Now I want to know about you. Write a comment about who you are, or if you’re not comfortable with that you can e-mail me at I’d really like to know who reads my blog and what kind of person you are, get to know you.

Blessed Be!

Days of Witchery: 16. Favourite Witchy Website(s).


  • Moonlit Nights – The trials and triumphs of a pagan novice
  • Moon and Shadow – A nice blog about paganism and witchcraft. Teaches, suggests and clues you in on various topics.
  • That Witch Is True – Writer, Lover, Witch. (And my pagan penpal).



I’ve got some other sites, but these’ll have to do for the moment.. ^^

Days of Witchery: 11. Witchy Tools, Oil

This is not something I’m familiar with. I’ve not started using oil in other ways than massaging. Frankly I’m not completely sure what else to do with oil, I haven’t read that far yet unfortunately. So if you’d like to educate me on this, be my guest! I’m curious and I have so much in school right now that I don’t really have time to study my pagan path at the moment, which I really dislike.

Anyway, Need to get back to schoolwork..

Cheers and Blessed Be!

Fixing and Compiling My Path

It started with a word document named Wicca, and I put a lot of stuff in there. Then I tried to make it organized, which didn’t work. Now I’ve erased that and opened a new document, which I’m now calling My Path. And I’m calling it that because I’m not wiccan. Partly because I’m not relating to wicca 100 %, partly because I’ve not been actively studying and being spiritual long enough to call me that. And I have respect for people out there who are true wiccans, that I won’t call myself that. I don’t wanna bee seen as one of those people who calls themselves wicca after two weeks.

So I’m now sitting and compiling things that I believe in, and that I have with me in my path. People sometimes call Wicca the New Old Religion, and I feel like that, in a way. I’m not new to paganism, but I’m new to try to actively know and practice paganism and witchcraft. I’m currently taking things I’ve learned and writing it down in a word document which currently is my Book of Shadows, while listening to a video by Witchontherocks on YouTube about customizing your spirituality.

I know it will take a while to get into my spirituality and grow in it. It’s one thing to gather knowledge, it’s a totally other thing to know the knowledge. I’m not in a hurry, but I can admit that I’d like to know things now and do things now. But I’m also mature enough to know that’s impossible and won’t get me anything.

So I’m reading, learning, but most importantly I’m trying to go my own way.

“it’s not what you say, it’s what you feel and believe inside. Anyone can spout off words. You know anyone can just spew bullshit. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna manifest or mean anything. And reading shit from a book. These *holding up a book* are examples, people, these are not what you’re supposed to live your life by. Or live you entire spiritual path by.”  – Witchontherocks

Now I’ve rambled enough, check out this video, and blessed be.