A Try At Meditation

So, I’m sitting on the sofa next to my boyfriend and I’m trying to meditate. It’s working good enough, since he’s sitting next to me shouting at the game he’s playing on his computer. But it breaks my concentration so I gave up. I listened to some meditation music on YouTube and tried to keep in mind what I’ve read and heard about meditating.

This was more an exercise for me than a true meditation. I thought about clearing my mind and grounding myself. Since I’m not very good at concentrating at things, I’ve got a short attention-span, it’s difficult but I’m determined to learn how to clear and ground myself. I think I would feel physically and mentally better and more at peace if I do.

I was able to relax and get that almost floating feeling, but I couldn’t seem to center and ground myself. I keep my concentration by physically looking straightforward on the insides of my eyelids. If I do that, I feel more centered and “there”. Some people imagine their chakras while centering and grounding, but I’m not sure if that’s working. Perhaps I just need more practice and understating of what I’m doing.

I’ve heard and read of people grounding by thinking of themselves as trees. That they ground themselves by imagining roots going into the earth and branching stretching toward the sun. It kind of worked for me. I could pull up a picture of myself sitting by a tree and sunlight shining. But I can only conjure the image from a 3rd point of view, I can’t center the image on myself at all.

It worked better when I tried imagining a tree made of blue water in a pond for some reason, probably since I’m a water sign. I’ll experiment a bit more, but when I’m at my own place and my boyfriend isn’t sitting about 40 cm from me and shouting at a computer screen, bless his heart.

Blessed Be