Gemstones of Today: Amethyst and Citrine

So, I’m that kind of person that more often than not carries around different gemstones and crystals to help me in my life. I wanted to take a break from my studies and so I decided to write about the crystals I’m fingering on today!


Known as a guard for drunkeness, although that is not something I use it for, since I’m sober. It’s overall a big help in overcoming addiction of all kinds and easing all kinds of pain.  The amethyst’s also thought to be able to stabilize different mental disorders.

Worn to make the wearer gentle and amiable.  It’s a stone for protection, since it repels more than it attracts. It’s also used to relieve stress, something I personally use it for.

Site about the amethyst


Citrine is used to heighten the creativity and mental clarity of a person. It’s also supposed to help people with self-destructive tendencies. It motivates to take action and brings optimism and cheeriness. I personally use citrine when I need to concentrate on my studies.

Site about the citrine

Hope you thought this helpful,

Blessed Be!