Adrenaline on the Job – Catching Thieves

I got such an adrenaline rush on the job today. I work at McDonalds and tonight I had the night shift. While we were cleaning after closing time and a guy was yelling about wanting a cinnamon bun. There were some left but we wouldn’t sell or give it to him since we were closed. After a while he stopped and later his friend tried to steal one and run away. I saw it as it happened and immediately yelled and ran after and tackled him. I took him by the collar and forced him backwards and down while my workmate took the cinnamon bun from the guy who was dying from laughter. I was pissed at the time, now though it’s just hilarious.

I stopped a cinnamon bun-thief tonight, aren’t I awesome?

Jag fick en sådan adrenalinkick på jobbet idag. Jag arbetar på McDonalds och ikväll hade jag nattskift. Medan vi städade efter stängningstid var det en kille skrek om att vilja ha en kanelbulle. Det fanns några kvar men vi ville inte sälja eller ge den till honom eftersom vi var stängda. Efter ett tag slutade han och senare försökte hans vän stjäla en och springa iväg. Jag såg det som det hände och omedelbart skrek och sprang efter och tog tag i honom. Jag tog honom i kragen och tvingade honom bakåt och nedåt medan min arbetskamrat tog kanelbullen från killen som var nästa dog av skratt. Jag var förbannad då, nu om det är bara otroligt roligt

Jag stoppade en kanelbulle-tjuv ikväll, är jag inte fantastisk?

Days of Witchery:25. How Do Others Feel About Your Witchy Path?

I’m lucky to live where I do and have such accepting friends. Sweden has a great acceptance of different religious and spiritual beliefs, both by law and society as a whole. Sure there are close-minded idiots here as well, but where aren’t there any of those?

My family knows I’m a bit spiritual and “up in the blue”. So when mom came to visit and saw my new altar she didn’t even blink. Of course my family doesn’t believe the same as I do, and they don’t really understand what or why I believe in what I do. But that they accept that I’m happy practicing my beliefs are good enough for them. I think some of them were more worried about my christian faith than my pagan faith.

Most of Sweden are atheists so it’s not uncommon for people to be careful about religion and what they think and believe in. You’re more likely to be excluded for too “much” or “showy” beliefs, than if you’re quiet about your faith.

So when I talk about being pagan, I get general acceptance, some raised eyebrows and some exclamations of “Cool!”, but I have yet to have a fully negative response from someone about my faith. Which is nice, but I still would practice and believe even if I did.

Blessed Be, Vaettr