Midnight (Later Actually) Mabon


Even though I had a busy day, I swore I’d at least celebrate a small Mabon even if I had to do it very late. I came home from work around 4 am, and what did I do? I set up my altar and celebrated and small Mabon. Not elaborate at all. Just thanking The Mother Goddess and Harvest God and asking for their blessing and protection, while offering what I had at home.

Still, I’m pleased and even though I had a hurried Mabon it was still very spiritual and I feel at peace.

How did you celebrate Mabon?

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Video from TheShoeWhisperer about Mabon

Embarrassingly enough, I haven’t actually celebrated a pagan holiday yet. I’ve been too much of a coward. I was really close to celebrate Imbolc, but chickened out for some reason. I wasn’t as open with my spirituality, even with myself, as I am now. I am celebrating Mabon with a group of people on the 25th now though. It’s the local esoteric shop that is organizing it. So it’ll be the shopkeepers (one of which is a High Priestess of Avalon) and some other people I know from being in the shop pretty much all the time.

They use to have open celebrations that you’re charged about 30 dollars for. Lammas was a close circle but now they have an open one for Mabon. We’ll be about 6 people celebrating in a currently secret place. We’ll get to know the details closer to the actual holiday. I’m both nervous and excited, but I love the people I’m celebrating with so I just need to trust in them and the God and Goddess and everything will be just fine.

I will take with me either camera or video-camera and post that here.

How are you going to celebrate Mabon?

Blessed Be, Vaettr