Days of Witchery: 19. Fire Element.

Passion, curiosity. An inquisitive flame of creativity. Fire is what drives us all in life, what makes us burn for causes and other people. This is my intuitive summary of fire.

Yesterday I was sitting trying to write on one of my stories (a HP fanfiction) and I got stuck. I lit some candles and I could immediately concentrate better. while I  was writing, the flame in my medieval lantern (made of wood and pig bladder) started to flicker and didn’t stop until I went over to the flame. It could have been some little wind irritating the fire, but it felt like it was a little fire sprite coming for a visit, helping me with my writing…

Have you had any experience with the element fire?

My Cozy Night

It’s half past 3 in the morning and I’m still up, sipping on my second cup of tea (my cups hold 7 dl…) and eating popcorn. I have my pagan youtube-list on repeat and I’m writing away on my Harry Potter fanfiction. My muse decided to make a visit so I might as well take advantage of that. Despite knowing I’ll pay for this in the morning, I love the coziness with just your teacup and a couple of candles as your company, with the cat sleeping next to you on the desk.

I’m planning to incorporate some “real” pagan witchcraft in my story, hopefully I’ll succeed in doing it in a tasteful way as well. The story will consist of magic (duh…), politics, vampires, homosexuality (I’m a faghag, I admit it) and the “Old ways”. If you’re interested, give me a hoot. The prologue is already published.

Anyway, back to feeding my muse so she’ll stop by more often, then it’s off to bed.